Parade of Life: Poems Inspired By Japanese Prints


Parade of Life: Poems Inspired by Japanese Prints
ISBN: 09539234-2-8

This book came out of my haiku poet in residence stint at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery back in 2001.

Working with school children, adults with special needs, and the general public using haiku to look and look again into the fine collection of Ukiyo-e – Japanese woodblock prints – that were on exhibit. The children in particular had no problem being back in ‘old Japan’ and here in 21st Century UK all at the same time:


Three Girls In The Rain – Kuniyoshi (1798 – 1861)

warm evening

having fun in the disco

on the Isle of Wight

School Girl (12) – Bristol UK

It was during this time that I first met my good friend and haiku poet Alan Summers and together we selected the final poems for inclusion in the book.

A very happy time.

Paul Conneally



One thought on “Parade of Life: Poems Inspired By Japanese Prints

  1. That was a great time wasn’t it Paul? A very big project completely inclusive, and open to people from all walks of life.It was amazing how such an expensively put together book could be cheaply available to children; families and schools.When I popped in one day to see the Kate Newnham is Curator of Eastern Art and Culture at Bristol’s Museums, Galleries and Archives, she had a meeting with someone who instantly bought up numerous copies and donated them to children and schools in his own area. I was told by an avid collector of Japanese prints, that he would have gladly paid twelve pounds at that time, and the project was brilliant because people could buy the book for five pounds! ;-)A wonderful time, and a great week spent working with you. ;-)Alan

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