Little Jenny Wren



Little Jenny Wren – Paul Conneally 2011

Little Jenny Wren

79-year-old, Joan Parmenter, tells Nottingham Crown Court how she punched a burglar. 

The intruder, on being discovered by Miss Parmenter, strikes her head.

Rather than falling, Miss Parmenter gives him an “almighty punch” knocking him down.

The shocked burglar takes flight, runs out of the house, into the street.

Miss Parmenter follows: “Stop him! Stop him!”

Sophie Buckthorpe, in the car that nearly hits him, calls the police on her mobile phone.

The man, Luke Clay, later arrested, admits to police that he is the burglar.

Summing up, the judge commends both women for their actions and awards them each £250.

Miss Parmenter, who has lived in the same house all her life, says:

“I’d do it again. I’m not frightened of anybody.”

little jenny wren
from deep in the back border
sees off a magpie

Paul Conneally

March 2011

First Published at AllVoices Little Jenny Wren


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