Haiku Jam – Six Labels


Haiku Jam – Six Labels – Paul Conneally 2011

Six Haiku Jam labels featuring haiku by Alan Summers with Japanese translations by Hidenori Hiruta


6 thoughts on “Haiku Jam – Six Labels

  1. Thanks for taking an interest in Japan and the catastrophy here.Things are bad and we need all the help there is.Gabi

  2. Thanks so much, Paul.I featured your jam project today in the BLOGhttp://japan-afterthebigearthquake.blogspot.com/2011/06/june-6-monday.htmlAll the best!Gabi

  3. Thanks Gabi!It’s nice when all the hard work to help support is appreciated.As always, my heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone in Japan,Alan, With Words

  4. .haiku jamfor Fukushima -blackberries in bloom Thanks again to you both!Gabihttp://japan-afterthebigearthquake.blogspot.com/2011/06/june-6-monday.html

  5. Toshugu shrine pinesI try to stay as still -mist and dewAlan SummersPublications credits: World Haiku Review Japan Article – Vending machines and cicadas (March 2003); BeWrite (2003); Hermitage (Romania, 2005); Travelogue on World Haiku Festival 2002 Part 1 (Akita International Haiku Network 2010)

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