The Meridian – Brian Lewis

The Meridian – Brian Lewis
‘He wept because he could not prevent himself from departing on a trip when the need took him; he deserted family, work and daily life to walk as fast as he could, straight ahead, sometimes doing 70 kilometres a day on foot, until in the end he would be arrested for vagrancy and thrown in prison.’ – Philippe Tissié (Les aliénés voyageurs, 1887)

So starts The Meridian, by Brian Lewis of Longbarrow Press, a piece describing his endurance walk, a fugue in reverse, from Hull to Spurn Point and back.

I heard Brian deliver this piece at the Post-Traumatic Landscapes Symposium on the 22nd May 2013 in Sheffield. It’s got me thinking on a number of fronts which will surface soon in my own work I’m sure.

I recommend you give it a read – here it is: THE MERIDIAN – Brian Lewis



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